Arizona Cyber Security Council

Supporting Arizona's Strong Base of Cyber Security Professionals

Arizona Cyber Security Council

Cyber Security Information

Cyber Security Incubation

Cyber Security Education

Cyber Security Employment

Cyber Security private-public partnership

Who we are

publications and conventions that provide

up-to-date information to the cyber-security professionals and businesses that increasingly depend upon them;

Promotes cyber-security education

high schools,

vocational schools,

and universities.

to provide employees

for the businesses requiring these skills which increasingly are drawn to the Cyber-Valley

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Creates, in conjunction with local universities

incubators for new businesses

focused on best practices

and emerging technologies

technologies for protection

from cyber-threats

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proactively working to attract venture capital

for successful cyber-security startups

Arizona Cyber Security Council

We are representatives of the Arizona business community and have formed the Arizona Cyber Security Council (as part of the Commission for Global Growth Arizona led by Ernest Garfield) with the objective of identifying and then developing profitable business concepts that give rise to a strong "Cyber Security ecosystem", to accelerate the creation of local jobs and economic growth for Arizona. In partnerships with similar initiatives, we will implement this vision by mobilizing a broad community of stakeholders who are willing to bring their knowledge, experience and commitment to achieving this ambitious goal.